Friday, May 30, 2008

Religious institutions should expose injustice

Guruji's article published on where he talks about the responsibility of the press with respect to sensationalizing issues before they have been resolved and also that of religious institutions wrt. erring members of their ilk. Several other interesting views too...

Jai Guru Dev,

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gurudev Speaks

Reproduced from Bawa and Dinesh's Blog .

There are various online blogs and forums where some (misguided?) people post defamatory and inflammatory things about Guruji... He was asked about this in a recent Satsang, someone who happened to be there wrote an account... Here it is:

In a satsang at the Art of Living centre in Germany last night, someone asked Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: “Guruji, I have observed that Guruphiliac seems to follow your every move and then write negative things about you. Why are they doing this?”

This is the gist of what Guruji said: I have inherited an ancient lineage and my job is to further its cause. Neither by thought, nor through word, nor by deed, have I ever done any harm to anyone, nor will I ever do so in the future; it is simply not in my nature. Nobody can expose me because there is nothing to expose: I stand tall, clean and naked in front of the whole world.
I do whatever maximum good I can, and I inspire others to do so. These people who keep writing about me simply cannot leave me alone - they must be in deep love with me! (laughter) When they keep comparing me with other people all the time, I must have made a very deep impression on them. I cannot help it if they can’t get over me - that’s the way I am! If I am that bad and fake, they should simply be able to ignore me and move onto the truth –why are they are holding onto me, again and again?

If they are trying to teach me a lesson, if their intention is to correct me, then I’m sorry, I am incorrigible! (laughter)

If their idea is to stop people from coming to me, and if people do stop coming just by reading these blogs, then I really thank them; it is good for me, it reduces my responsibility! If they think I am doing this for publicity, they are unaware of the disadvantages of popularity. I pity them. Celebrities enjoy only popularity, but spiritual leaders have a huge responsibility with that popularity. People do not go to celebrities for guidance and blessings, but with spiritual leaders they do.

If they think I have no right to exist on this planet, then they can crucify me; I am afraid neither of death nor of being defamed. I am not afraid, because nothing can destroy me.

We do charity with the hard earned money from our courses. We are, of course, rich with people and with good character, and I am ready to share this wealth with anyone.
Lest they understand that their hatred is nothing but love standing upside down.

Monday, May 5, 2008

World Hunger, Desire, Fear

I came across these really col and relevant posts about Sri Sri's message to us all about how we can contribute in small ways to reduce world hunger but just not wasting food whether cooking at home or eating in a restaurant.

Read the post here .

Bawa and Dinesh's blog had a great posting from Bawa about how the mind "merrily manifests" whatever desire / fear / anxiety that it has strong feelings about. So now I know what accounted for those bruised ankles and knee caps when I tried to learn to learn cycling as a young boy !

Read this fascinating post here .