Sunday, March 24, 2013

Grace Garments

Someone told me about this place on my last visit to the Ashram last year. I did not have the time to track it down. This time when I went there for Shakti Kriya, I decided to take a walk along less beaten paths away from the Ashram Kitchen.  As I passed Soudhamani (the realty project of Art Of Living), i came across a foul smelling patch of garbage. I wanted to turn back but kept on as I wanted a walk. As i crossed the dump, a couple of  people from the ashram zipped past me.  I was a bit surprised and followed them. As i entered the village of Udipalya, lo and behold, the first landmark was  the mythical "Grace Garments", I had heard so much of  :-)

Visit it the next time you are there. Your wallet may remain a lot heavier if you were shopping for traditional  Indian attire !

Jai Gurudev,