Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Enlightened Helmet

I feel almost foolish writing this post, but hey - how bout some frivolity once in a while :) ?

Something ain't right :) . I thought inanimate objects are further away from a desire to get enlightened than us humans. My headgear has been busy proving me wrong !

Last year I owned a helmet that I did not much fancy. I longed for one with a visor in the front - the kind that looks a little cooler. It was May 13th - you know the significance of that day. I went to Vikram Bhaiyya's satsang in Pune and lost myself completely in the divine music and upon returning home realized I had lost my helmet too. Attempts to find it were in vain.

Secretly I was happy as I could get a new helmet !

Recently by Guruji's grace, I (re)started going to satsang regularly. Owing to the rains in Pune, i wore my helmet each time. It has happened to me consistently over the last 3 weeks, so I refuse to believe it is a coincidence. Every single time I return from satsang, my helmet stays behind. Upon reaching home, I realize it and frantically text a friend there to pick it up for me. Yesterday was the third time and it had me thinking.

Is my helmet's longing for satsang stronger than mine :) ? Sure looks like it !

A friend jokingly remarked yesterday - Its already Hollow and Empty !

Amen to that !

Jai Guru Dev

Monday, July 6, 2009


Nitya Suddham Nirabhasam Nirakaaram Niranjanam
Nityabodham Cidanandam Guru Brahma Namamayam

I prostrate to that Guru, who is the Eternally Pure Brahman, free from reflection, formless, taint less eternally awake as Pure Consciousness and Bliss.

A day for gratitude, meditation, service and longing. What a wonderful day ! My heart is with Guruji in Chicago and though he is thousands of miles away, I feel so close to HIM.

My salutations today also to R - my first Part I teacher, who with her love and masti and very presence made Art Of Living a part of my daily life for the last 8 years.

My salutations to M - my Ashtavakra teacher, at whose place I literally spent my most precious and definitive growth years between 2003 - 2006. She treated me like a younger brother though I was a year older and it was her not-so-gentle (LOL :-) ) pushing that got me to take responsibility and do seva regularly.

My salutations and love to N - a dear friend who taught me to do seva with a smile- no matter how tough or irritating the circumstances. That smile stays with me day and night and inspires me whenever I feel low.

My love and salutations to all my teachers, the countless volunteers and satsangees (that includes you) many of whose silent work, encouragement, sharing and smiles have been instrumental in my progress on this beautiful path.

And for them, on this occasion of Guru Poornima, I remain eternally grateful to you Guruji ! Love Hugs Masti Devotion !

Jai Guru Dev,