Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This Path

Interesting thing spirituality - the promise of enlightenment - something that can only be experienced, never explained.

But also a practical way to live life through its trials and tribulations.

A promise of a deep dive into the unknown or just a simple way to handle the next tough situation.

Simple yet complex, encompassing the micro and the macro, the good and bad.

Something for everyone - from the utterly innocent to the complicated intellectual - everyone can take a dip and take it from there.

Something so attainable yet requiring so much effort.

Something that brings about outward compassion, and inner unshakable strength.

So tangible yet so abstract.

Meant to help with addictions but such a sweet addiction in itself.

Seemingly the end of all things bad and unnecessary in life
Yet the beginning of a seemingly endless journey in itself.

Providing answers to the seemingly simple questions of life
Yet throwing up deep mysterious unanswerable questions of its own .

Right in this moment yet a quadrillion light years away .
In every atom and yet encompassing the entire cosmos.

Attainable by the humble cobbler and the Nobel prize winning physicist.

Destiny brings one to it but only self effort moves one along.

So universal yet so personal. Taking everyone along yet one has to walk alone.

Seemingly everything and yet nothing at the same time.
Beauty of a nature unexperienced before.

Love unfathomable. Grace unlimited.

Whatever it is , life is incomplete without it.

And yet my head is buried in the sand
A small speck in my eye obscuring infinity :-)

Jai Guru Dev,