Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Note To Self

In the Art Of Living, we often talk of buttons getting pushed. A button here represents situations that fall outside our comfort zone, situations  that cause discomfort as we dislike doing them, situations that change the status quo, our way of life for the better - even if they cause short term grief.

One such major "status-quo-changing" event has shaken India - a surgical strike on black money a.k.a demonetization. It has waken and shaken the honest and the corrupt alike. The corrupt are now like rats on a hot tin roof - they can't stand at the same place any more. Jumping off the tin roof means giving up their corrupt ways, surrendering their ill-gotten gains and paying taxes and penalty on the surrendered money - a highly unpalatable option to many for whom corruption and the luxuries it affords, have become a way of life. The honest are now forced to stand in long bank lines to  withdraw what is rightfully theirs. There can be a sense of indignation at someone else's wrongs becoming pain points for them.

Though the public of India has realized the good intentions of Hon. PM Modi ji and have thrown their lot with him, the corrupt (seeing their ill gotten wealth evaporate and become liabilities for them), are ganging together to use the angst of the common man as an excuse to force the Govt.'s hands in rolling back what is arguably the boldest social reform decision taken by any Govt. since independence.

Guruji has spoken about how we need to support the Govt. wholeheartedly in this reform initiative. Let us all meditate, help others in financial and logistical need, support each other and Modi ji in this fight against corruption. Let us stay aware that nobody uses our pain for their own gain.  Let us join hands for the true "Acche Din"  not too far away.

Jai Hind  !

Jai Gurudev,