Thursday, June 26, 2008

Intensify your longing

This beautiful knowledge sheet appeared in my Inbox today. And what timing... Its been so many months since seeing Guruji and the current events don't seem like I'll see him any time soon, especially not during HIS visit to Seattle or Guru Poornima in the Bay Area ! But this knowledge sheet took all my pain away !

Jai Guru Dev,

Attaining the Divine depends upon the intensity of your longing and not on the time you spend or your qualifications. There is a proverb in India,

"It may take some time to pluck the flower, but it takes no time to meet the Divine".

Immediately intensify your longing for the Divine.Knowing that you are nothing and you know nothing brings a sense of belonging and belonging intensifies longing.

What is the difference between desire and longing?

Desire is the fever of the head and Longing is the cry of heart.

-Sri Sri Ravishankar

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