Friday, March 13, 2009

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Been reading the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Vasishta regularly for a few weeks now and pondering on how the infinite wisdom within applies to my life and the knowledge that I have gained in Guruji's grace. A little Q&A with myself.

Q> Do spiritual people also face suffering ?
A> The Mahabharata is full of spiritual folks that were divided across the battlefield and perished.

Q> When one has a Guru, does one face tough situations ?
A> Arjuna had Krishna Himself as a charioteer in the Kurukshetra war and lost his own son, Abhimanyu, on the battlefield. Whats the point of being given precious knowledge like "Accept situations as they are" if there are not going to be any situations to deal with ?

Q> Why do some folks progress more than others on the spiritual path ?
A> The Yoga Vasishta starts its amazing commentary by emphasizing "Self Effort". As a teacher of mine used to say "The Sun is always shining. Its your choice whether to open the blinds or stay in darkness".

Q> If God is doing everything, why do I need to do anything ?
A> The entire Bhagavad Gita is devoted to this question. Even while showing Arjuna the Vishwaroopa Darshan where the entire Kaurava army was dissapearing into Krishna's infinite form (i.e. they were already dead), Krishna exhorts Arjuna to fight and do his duty as a warrior.

This reminds me of something a teacher of mine used to say regarding seva "The event will happen - whether to participate or not is your choice". I used to think of it as arrogant - why should I participate if my participation makes no difference ? Now I see it differently :) Participation is not about changing how things evolve - it is about my own evolution as part of the universe's evolution i.e. being God's hands and thus becoming a channel for HIS grace.

Q> If all is ONE, then why so many shapes and forms, joy and misery, the dualities ? Could the ONE not just BE ?
A> This question is still the deepest one I have. No answers anywhere yet - not in the Gita, not in Yoga Vasishta. The only thing I notice is that I want things to get over only when I am miserable. When joyous, I can accept the world as is. But this question comes again and again. Maybe thats why Guruji says in Ashtavakra "Wonder about it" !

It so interesting - suffering. A beautiful intense phase where one comes face to face with ones own boundaries, cravings, desires, limitations, fears. If I give knowledge a chance, all this will dissolve in a second, if not, I continue to reel in misery.

Guruji - Can I accept ?


Jai Guru Dev,


  1. Absolutely wonderful! What a nice way of expression RR..

    suffering brings with it a lot of is like a real real bad makes you lose a few things, makes you struggle a bit for some basic needs..But it leaves the land more fertile..

    i look forward to your posts RR..really.. :-)


  2. "The event will happen - whether to participate or *now* is your choice". - Letting go of the negative 'not' and living in the present moment 'now'?? :)

  3. wow i had similar thoughts too well expressed here.. beautiful..... JGD...

  4. @anusha : "leaves the land more fertile"...beautifully put. And I look forward to your comments !

    @anonymous : LOL ...Seriously that was a typo...should have been "not". But i love your interpretation. Boy do you have an eye for details :)

    @komal : one knowledge...JGD

  5. Wow RR! There's so much to learn isn't it? And I am really glad I am a part of this space. :) Thank you. :)

  6. @tara : Yes so beautiful is this path Gurudev ! Blessed are we ! JGD

  7. don't think suffering is that beautiful

  8. @smitha : you are correct. but when I (at least in some moments) began to see that it is a great time to live the knowledge and observe the dance of the mind, I realized that it serves a very useful purpose. In that respect of spiritual growth, I consider it beautiful.


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  10. @aditi : The goal in each step ...very comforting yet deeply profound! I guess Guruji is emphasizing the opposites here - also stating that enlightenment is possible at every step - Jai Guru Dev

  11. Jai Gurudev
    Yes the last question, I always remember your first post that dealt with this in detail. I still maintain. Its perfect . Complete.

    However if you like you may want to read Rene Descarte - I think therefore I am .
    Who knows ..I know even this will not "answer" anything but its like Guruji says
    Someone who knows will not tell you and someone who tells does not know.
    Its awesome

    Who will there be to tell whom, when what all there is to "convey" is I am You

    Jai Gurudev

  12. Hi Bhaw :) Long time....missed you :) Bout the last question...yeah the answer is there but so hard to accept in really tough times. Thats part of the journey I suppose.

    Will check out Descarte - not for answers - just interesting reading.

    Jai Guru Dev,

  13. yeah !! I agree its so hard to accept in tough situations...You are not alone. Existential angst I guess..
    Yeah Read rene for fun...Not much it offers anyways
    hewhewheheheh :-P
    Jai Gurudev