Monday, April 20, 2009

Satsang with Swami Pragyapada

The vast grounds of New English School in Pune was witness to a beautiful satsang in the presence of Swami Pragyapad (formerly Prashant Rajore). It was my first satsang in many months and I was in sheer bliss. I don't know who was singing but dudes - you totally rock !!! I mean it. I was in meditation in 2 seconds flat. They started with this beautiful bhajan : Hey Shivanandana

Hey Shivanandana Lambodara Hey Vishwavinayaka Namonamaha
Namonamaha Namonamaha Vishwavinayaka Namonamaha || 2

Siddhivinayaka Mangala Daata || 2
Parvati Nandana Gajanana || 2

Namonamaha Namonamaha Vishwavinayaka Namonamaha || 2


This other bhajan "Ek Tara Bole..." went straight deep in somewhere.

Swamiji then started in his trademark funny style. He told us a joke and asked those who had already heard it to laugh again (phirse has lena) :-) LOL....

His first "joke" was about a person who slips on a banan peel. The next day he sights another banana peel and thinks " Man I gotta fall again today". :-) He then went on to explain how we get stuck in similar patterns everyday. A thought or memory of someone (the peel) we dislike or have a problem with is enough for us to "slip" (i.e. get angry , mad, furious). This had me totally in splits as I have had this problem with a relative for years. Even though I was thousands of miles away, just the memory of this person would have me fuming.

He then suggested the remedy - the next time you encounter the peel - say to yourself silently - Dear peel, I am not gonna slip today :) Man was I impressed or what.

A few jokes later a Q&A started and he dwelt forth on issues such as terrorism and dharma and why it was so important for us to VOTE - FOR CHANGE in the coming elections. I had to leave then but came away totally blissed out and grateful for the 2 hours of pure happiness that the Divine had given me in the midst of turmoil.

Jai Guru Dev,

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