Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Milestone to Infinity

2 days ago, I finished another reading of a book - perhaps the one book that I can never put down and one that has had and continues to have the GREATEST influence in my life - The Yoga Vasishta by Swami Venkatesananda.

My first reading started in July 2003 and ended 9 months later. After that I tried hard to restart several times, but wasn't successful until last year when a chat with my teacher made me pick it up again. And 2 days ago, my eyes moist, hand trembling, heart reverberating with gratitude, I read the last paragraph.

At the end I held the book with love and reverence and thanked Guruji from the bottom of my heart for blessing me to be able to finish the book.

Some beautiful things about the Yoga Vasishta :

1. It is a unique scripture. Bhagavad Gita is about God giving his devotee Arjuna the knowledge of life. Yoga Vasishta is about Sage Vasishta narrating the knowledge to Lord Rama himself.

2. If you have deep questions about creation, consciousness etc, this book is a must read. Here are the Sections :
  • On Dispassion
  • On The Behavior Of A Seeker
  • On Creation
  • On Existence
  • On Dissolution
  • On Liberation
3. To be read right after kriya/meditation - just 1 page a day.

4. Guruji has this scripture read to him every day.

Available at the following stores :
  • Most Art Of Living Divine Shops in India (it is titled "The Supreme Yoga" in India)
  • Online in India here or here.
  • Online on Amazon.com here.
I leave you to ponder the last para. Hopefully it will inspire you to begin/continue reading this amazing knowledge :

"Thus I have told you the story of Rama, Oh Bharadwaja. By practice of this yoga, attain supreme bliss. He who constantly listens to this dialogue between Rama and Vasishta is liberated, whatever be the circumstances of his life, and he attains the knowledge of Brahman".

On Dispassion......the journey continues.....

Jai Guru Dev,


  1. RR..My first part 2 teacher used to read us a small passage from Yoga Vasistha after lunch everyday..it used to be an optional 10 min session, but needless to say, everyone would attend it..

    It was so beautiful, that the first thing I did was to buy myself a copy..

    After reading such profound knowledge you can't help but feel deep love...Thanks for posting this! :-)

  2. Great to know you read Yoga Vasishta too, Anusha ! Truly it leads one to transcendence.

    Jai Guru Dev

  3. Hey JGD .
    Long Time

    Thanks buddy, I will resume it right now!
    Will do my Kriya and then.

    Are you on facebook? Then add me

  4. JGD Bhaw ! Long time indeed ...Not on FB yet.......