Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Spellbinding Evening

It was an affair to remember, to cherish, to experience, to meditate, to dance, to be grateful. 2750 voices sung as one, swaying to the baton of Shri Shashi Vyas. Chitra Roy's mellifluous rendition of "Sarya Vyapini" as none another, Shankar Mahadevan in his element as he rendered "Bhola Shankara Bhola", powerful politicians behaving like meek rabbits in HIS amazing presence, a superbly enthusiastic Pune crowd.....ANTARNAAD!

Surely the gods and angels in heaven would have taken a break from their evening duties to watch the program on Sanskar channel :D . The evening reminded me of a similar event in the not-so-distant past - Feb 18th 2006, during the Art Of Living Silver Jubilee when thousands of south indian instrumentalists rocked Jakkur Airfield. Well Antarnaad was the first such event where vocalists were involved.

Imagine a satsang where 2750 trained voices chorused along with the lead singer. The conductor must have felt like GOD - one twitch of his hand and 2750 voices rose in crescendo. Words run out....

Jai Guru Dev,