Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nov '07

Once in a while to satisfy my ego, I take a peek at what Google Analytics has to say about visitors to my blog. A few vain moments I spend, reveling  in statistics such as "Top Content", "Map Overlay" (a feature that tells you which cities in the world your visitors are from), traffic sources (whose blogs drive traffic to mine) etc. Somewhere every writer longs to know who his/her readers are I suppose !

Aside from the postings which make up the bulk of the traffic, I often notice an entry that seems to evince strong interest among readers of my blog -  November 2007. Whats so special about this time period - well it was the month when yours truly began to partake in this sweetly addictive past-time called blogging.

Why - I thought - would anyone be interested in something I wrote so long ago. After all those were my early posts - written mostly with a burning desire to check who was reading my stuff - whether it was worth reading or not.  And then I realized, this was something I do at times too !

When I visit a blog and like something I read, the first attempt is to find out WHO this person is :-). Many a times, blogs (such as mine) do not provide such information. Then my mind goes automatically to the next most intriguing piece of information : What does this person blog about ? How did they begin their blogging  journey? What motivated them initially to start this blog ?

Voyeurism of a kind ?  A peek into another person's mind/psyche ? Idle curiosity ? Whatever !

November'07 was certainly the start of something sweet, something creative, something that has been fulfilling to me as a blog author - albeit anonymous. A way to share the precious experiences and joy my Guru has given me with my readers.  A way to be inspired and hopefully inspire. A way to share and care.

Jai Guru Dev,

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