Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Truth About Negative Blogs

If you've been running into "garbage blogs" that are defaming Guruji and the work of Art Of Living, and felt your blood boil - you are not alone. I just came across this great rebuttal by Swami Sadyojatah,  on the blogs of at least 2 senior Art Of Living faculty and thought I should highlight them as they provide an inside perspective on what could be motivating people to write rubbish about Guruji and the Art Of Living Foundation.

Jai Guru Dev,


  1. Oh I did not know that people can write rubbish about AOL as well. How sad. I am so disappointed.

  2. @kiran - yes its quite a wonder that people can't see the great social work that AOL is going and nitpick .

  3. @kiran , @random: Wake up and see the truth. AOL has some problems too. Just because it does some good work doesn't mean its perfect. Please try to be objective.

  4. @anon : Have you participated in any AOL seva projects ? Have you taken the time/effort to understand the enormous amount of social work that has been done by AOL the world over especially in India ? I doubt it.

    As someone who actively works with disadvantaged children/teens imparting the skills/techniques taught by Guruji to them and witnessing the amazing transformation, I can say without hesitation that AOL's work is immense. It does way more than "some" good work.

    And yes all organizations have their problems. Blowing them out of proportion and misquoting them with malice or talking only about them will make anyone look bad.

    That is what these blogs do. I suggest you reserve your lessons in "objectivity" for those malicious blogs.

    Jai Guru Dev !