Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tera May 2011

We had a lovely time with kids at a home in Pune yesterday. We celebrated Guruji's BDay a day late but with the same fervour, love, masti and joy ! This has become an annual event for us now along with other festivities such as Diwali and Guru Poornima.

We started with bhastrika and Ram Dhyaan and 130 kids meditated with pin-drop silence. Then the kids put up a bhajan performance followed by a  lovely dance performance - something they had been rehearsing for many weeks now !  Then we distributed certificates for participants of a vocational trg course our seva team had sponsored. Then satsang started  :)

The kids sang and danced with unadulterated joy as volunteers joined them. Finally we all had prasad together.  Finally a child came up with a card (in photo above) that he had made for Guruji. He had been working on it for 4 days !

Everyone left with their heads empty, hearts full and hands, having been an instrument in bringing Guruji's grace to the kids.

Just one request Guruji : Keep us all in your service forever !

Jai Guru Dev,


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