Thursday, October 2, 2008

For Those Missing Guruji ..........

Missing Guruji badly ? Yeah I know...Me Too :(

So very much right now. Its Navarathri and everybody who is somebody or nobody is in the Bangalore Ashram and I can't go.

Well I have to just feel his presence and youtube videos.

Here are a couple of beautiful ones I found from Navarathri 2004, 2006 and 2007.

Smile if you can :)

2004 :

2006 :

2007 :

Jai Guru Dev,


  1. .....teri tasveer se, baat bantii nahi...tuuu aaajaaaa.....
    lalalalalalalayyyyo lalalalalalal

    Jai Guruded

  2. Jai Gurudev publishing comments will be a lot easier, for us commentators

    You go to settings and click on do not allow anonymous comments

    That ways these word verifications thing will be removed

  3. Thanks .Actually Bhavana - that will prevent off those that don't have a blogger/wordpress/openid account from commenting. And its quite possible such folks exist. I found a better way : Keep moderation ON.

    Male the following option to NO "Show word verification for comments?" .

    Please try and let me know .