Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One = Infinity

I never learned Sanskrit properly. I had a chance about 22 years ago during summer break, but I was firm in my belief that the summer holidays were meant for enjoyment and NOT roting. So enjoy I did and blew my chance to dwell deeper into Devavani (Deva = God , Vani = speech/language) - literally "Language of the Gods".

For a few years the word "Dehant" has been popping up quite often in my head. Literally and colloquially it means "Death" and is used in a respectful manner to describe someone's passing - as opposed to "Maut", the more common term.

Breaking it up, we find it is is actually a compound ("Deh" = Body, "Ant" = End). In other words "Death = End Of the Body" .

I was wondering why it was necessary to emphasize the body so much. Isn't death the end of everything ? Not so say the scriptures - The Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Vasishta, Vedanta.

Guruji says that death is just like a long sleep from which we don't get up.

Deh-Ant : If it is only the body that ends, what does NOT end ? The mind - with all its impressions - good and bad. The undying spirit that we all are !

I was astounded at how much meaning a simple, single word could express !! Just one word captures the very essence of philosophy, the scriptures, the very meaning of LIFE.

Its so interesting - we spend so much money, time and effort on caring for, obsessing over and lusting at this perishable bag of bones and flesh that is going to be either burnt to ashes, buried 6 feet under or fed to the vultures. And so little or no time over nourishing that which is eternal, undying - the spirit. People spend thousands on clothes, perfumes, gym memberships, beauty salons , eating out etc., but crib when you ask them to spend a few dollars/rupees/currency of your choice on doing the Art Of Living course.

Ah when will they understand ?

Guruji explains why chanting is so much more powerful in Sanskrit. He says that the mind is very old and so is the Sanskrit language. These chants thus have a powerful effect on the mind when chanted correctly .

I have to learn SANSKRIT someday !

Jai Guru Dev,


  1. **And so little or no time over nourishing that which is eternal, undying - the spirit.

    Beautiful, this was so grand...and look at this even our Kriya and sahaj, do wonders for the body as well!!!

    Wah, very simply put
    Jai Gurudev
    Yes ALl the best with learning sanskrit..I am in toooo. :))))

  2. bhawana :) look forward to your comments :)
    absolutely, as you pointed out, the body benefits immensely from kriya and meditation.

    Jai Guru Dev,

  3. ah yes life...d beginning it is...some call it d end...but d end of wat...its d end of d body n d beginning of immortality...

    nicely put...n sanskrit...d purest of languages...its divinity in its own

  4. @mayz : thanks for visiting. very well put...the beginning and the end.

  5. Hey RR,

    I'm sure you will learn and will really enjoy it! Come join the 'Ramah, Ramou, Ramaaah' gang!