Monday, November 10, 2008

The Evil Twins

This one inspired by Rashmin's post.

Lets call them P1 and P2 - the conjoined twins.

P1 is the tail of P2 - a little known fact
The mind wants to run from P1 towards the waiting open arms of P2
P2 wears a strong perfume
The lure of P2 is hard to resist
She woos me assiduously promising me joy
I follow (rather my mind does) salivating
She delivers the fun - for a few seconds
Then smiles and walks away
Leaving me in a dust heap
To face the whiplash of her venomous tail
This lasts a lot longer than the fun
A sip of nectar revealing a pool of poison

Through time I have learnt to recognize that whiff
And run a thousand miles away
Sometimes though I indulge again
And get lashed brutally though knowing well I will
Despite knowing a greater and more permanent joy exists
Why do I let the small mind win ?
Again and Again

Self Effort Self Effort Self Effort
Transcend Transcend Transcend

In a dream I beheld P2 and asked
May I ask thy name ?
"Yes for sure - I am Pleasure and my twin here is Pain"

Jai Guru Dev,