Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting Away

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Sometimes when life gets too crazy, I feel like riding into the sunset. Don't care on what : a bicycle, a motorcycle, a car, a horse, camel, a buffalo (nah not really!) ....somewhere, somehow just GO.......

Am I running towards something ? Or away from something ? Myself ?

And then I realize that I cannot run from the situation. And also with my MIND as a permanent - sometimes unwanted - companion, can I really go far ? Don't think so.

Been reading the Yoga Vasishta regularly for a few weeks now and it dwells so beautifully on the secrets and tendencies of the mind. A must read after you meditate - it elevates one to a different level of consciousness. A little secret - some lucky soul reads some pages to Guruji every day - phir meri kya zurrat ki mai na padhoon ?

Yoga Vasishta - not just a book, but a Guru's blessing.

But someday I will take that ride into the sunset and it won't be running away.

Jai Guru Dev,


  1. Beautiful indeed..
    I am taking up Yoga Vasisht.

  2. bhawana :) Make sure you read right it after kriya/meditation.

    Jai Guru Dev,

  3. Yoga Vasisht. I will surely read that.
    I like sunrise more than the sunset.

  4. wow!!

    though i have heard about yoga vashista this article really made me think!

    I am sure to grab the book some day soon! :)

  5. You ride into the sunset? Nice. I always dream of driving my car just after a heavy downpour, along the green fields, listening to instrumental music. Ah bliss! I liked the ending, an emphatic one! :)

  6. @kiran: Blissful Reading. My AOL teachers used to say "Read after u meditate, 1 page a day. And read lightly without being intellectual" .
    Please share your experiences some day on your blog .
    I prefer the sunset as I am not a morning person :)

    @aparna : do read it either by yourself or in a satsang. Very rewarding ! Do share.

    @tara : :) thats very nice too. sounds peaceful yet alive.