Friday, February 6, 2009

For a Few

I accompanied E again to the remand home about a week ago and it was another amazing tryst with the lives of some young souls in search of peace. As we arrived, a bunch of kids ran up and said "Not today please...we want to play...these folks never let us play". Seeing us come, the warden rounded them all up and sent them to the hall that serves as their sleeping quarters, TV room, and meditation hall. As we entered, a few kids ran up and wanted to be picked up and hugged. Seeing them others ran up and for the first few minutes, all we did was to hug them and smile at them. Ah...all the world wants is love and how many are out there just looking for a kind smile and some affection !!

This time despite having another volunteer ,M help out with controlling the kids, things were pretty chaotic. The warden was busy helping another kriya session that was on below that involved convicted criminals and could not help us out. The result - CHAOS. Kids disturbing each other, refusing to co-operate, nudging each other, shouting out loud. I have to admire E's poise as she led them through the bhastrika, OM and Ram Meditation. M and I ran about trying to get them to sit up, close their eyes and stop troubling each other. As it got done, we were in despair.

Then a serene E pointed out to 2 kids sitting up front. Among 80 kids who were creating a ruckus after the meditation was over, 2 sat still in padmasana, their eyes shut, completely oblivious of the chaos around them. So beautiful..........

Just as I was to conclude that this session had not been a success, more touching events were to unfold. One kid walked up and took Guruji's picture and put it into his pocket. Another one took me aside and told me in real earnest "Can you please bring Sri Sri Ravishankar here next Monday". I told him to pray each night for Guruji to come, but he was not satisfied :). As I turned to leave, 2 more kids ran up, said Jai Gurudev, suddenly touched my feet and ran away. I thought of Guruji and asked Him to bless them...I felt an immense gratitude that moment - Guruji all this respect - do I deserve it ?

As we left, E remarked : Bas un dono ke liya hua aaj ka session". (Today's session happened just for those two). All the drama just to reach out to those who are ready. Wow Guruji, Amazing are your ways.....

Jai Guru Dev,


  1. wow! i wish to see those 2 kids..

    RR, everytime i come to your blog, you give me a reason to be happy..the hope goes up..i can never express my gratitude enough with words..


  2. phew! I want to write and express my self...
    hahah how do I?? I can't

    Jai Gurudev :-)
    Thankyou for sharing ,
    Thankyou so much for sharing :-)

  3. Inspiration and smile
    Gratitude for master

    Jai Gurudev!

  4. @anusha : yes it was a sight worth beholding. When in pune next, you should take the opportunity. Do post here when you are here and you can join us. JGD

    @bhaw : You are a wonderful writer. For s poetess like you expression is no problem:) JGD

    @aparna: totally Salutations to our Guru . JGD

  5. @anusha : as a teacher of mine used to say :" as satsangees, we exist to uplift each other" :)


  6. *Smiling* Beautiful RR! Really. Just the way you put it, just the way the words flow...lovely.

    "Ah...all the world wants is love"
    Very true. And it's wonderful you got such an opportunity, I wonder when was the last time I hugged someone...tough to remember...

    A emphatic Jai Gurudev! :)

  7. Jai Gurudev Tara :) Yes it was a blessing. I hope many come your way too !

  8. wonderful....every moment on this path is such an awakening!

  9. Yes abhishek : how true ? we are privileged no doubt ! JGD

  10. great to read the post. we also held a shibir in a juvenile center and the response we get when we go there to get them to do meditation is very similar. I used to feel pretty discouraged seeing the way some kids behave. So i could relate to ur post very much. your post made me feel that i have to go there again just for the few who are doing it sincerely.

  11. @yes+iitk : you are very right. We need to just keep doing - planting the seeds and watering as Guruji says - who blossoms when is HIS job :) Hope to hear from you again on how it went !

    Jai Gurudev,