Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My third visit to the remand home. This time it was different for a variety of reasons : more volunteers to control the kids, a warden to help us out - things flowed more smoothly. However I saw and learnt something this time that taught me to revere even more this precious knowledge I have and make me more committed to sharing it with others.

I was trying to gather a group of reluctant kids who refused to participate in the meditation and get them to join the rest of us. Among them sat this lean lanky kid who absolutely refused. I was intrigued and told him "Aao Aao bas kuch minton ke liye" (Come on it'll just be a few minutes). The other kids laughed and said "Ise kuch samajhta nahin" (He does not understand anything). The kid looked at me and gestured that he did not want to come. I thought he was being particularly difficult and was mocking me as some kids there do.

Then it struck me - He was mute.

I gestured to him to join the meditation and he agreed. Ah - i was finally talking his language - the language of silence. As the group sat down and closed their eyes, and the meditation started,I realized something else was going on. This kid was the butt of others ridicule. He was being pushed and prodded by others, some kids sat in front of him and imitated him. Small wonder he did not want to participate.

With the help of another volunteer I seperated him from the rest of the group. He finally settled down and closed his eyes. It was so touching - he could not chant "Ram Ram", but his eyes were closed throughout the meditation. Then he lay down. As the satsang started, he kept his eyes closed and began to clap. Even though he could not sing, he was totally immersed in the bhajans.

It was a touching experience for me as I realized how fortunate I was. Just having a place and environment to meditate is something to be so grateful for. I realized I had more than I actually deserved and comparing myself to people who have more would not get me anywhere. As a volunteer I realized I have to be more resourceful and tuned into the seva to be able to realize what is actually going on and how I can help.

Each time I go to the remand home, I learn something new - not just a new skill - but gain a new insight into life itself. Thanks Guruji for showing me the light !

Jai Guru Dev,


  1. Congratulations RR on being totally into Seva and being such an amazing volunteer..you just brought tears of joy to my eyes..(is that something new?)

    Seva is for our own upliftment..You just increased my faith in it further!

    thank you!

  2. Just the way that magic flows! Lovely. :) That's the beauty of life isn't it? Everything happens for a reason. And when we realize the reason, we just can't help but be amazed at the his intelligence. Beautiful. :)

  3. wow! inspiring!! mast!! :) and great job! :)

  4. @anusha : thats a great revelation isn't it ? That Seva grows us as much as it touches others ? In a world filled with selfishness, I think this the purest selfish act :) JGD

    @tara : Yup absolutely . He knows. If we are intelligent enough to accept and follow, then unimaginable grace follows . JGD

    @aparna : Jai Gurudec !

    @smithaa : Jai Guru Dev ! Back from the advanced course ? Hope you had a great time.

  5. Yes indeed we are extremely lucky to have a guru like gurudev!!