Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Enlightened Helmet

I feel almost foolish writing this post, but hey - how bout some frivolity once in a while :) ?

Something ain't right :) . I thought inanimate objects are further away from a desire to get enlightened than us humans. My headgear has been busy proving me wrong !

Last year I owned a helmet that I did not much fancy. I longed for one with a visor in the front - the kind that looks a little cooler. It was May 13th - you know the significance of that day. I went to Vikram Bhaiyya's satsang in Pune and lost myself completely in the divine music and upon returning home realized I had lost my helmet too. Attempts to find it were in vain.

Secretly I was happy as I could get a new helmet !

Recently by Guruji's grace, I (re)started going to satsang regularly. Owing to the rains in Pune, i wore my helmet each time. It has happened to me consistently over the last 3 weeks, so I refuse to believe it is a coincidence. Every single time I return from satsang, my helmet stays behind. Upon reaching home, I realize it and frantically text a friend there to pick it up for me. Yesterday was the third time and it had me thinking.

Is my helmet's longing for satsang stronger than mine :) ? Sure looks like it !

A friend jokingly remarked yesterday - Its already Hollow and Empty !

Amen to that !

Jai Guru Dev


  1. Ha ha : ) Nice to see your helmet in knowledge! :D

  2. LOL!! your helmet rocks RR!!

    (LOLMAX for the hollow and empty comment..)

    Jai Gurudev..

  3. Did you also consider the fact that your helmet blossomed as it came in your company. Indeed company of people on the path is so important. It just brings out the best out of us! :-)

    Your helmet, I am sure must be thanking you a lot! :-)

  4. @siddharth : he he yup ! I wonder whats next !

    @anusha : yup that friend is a truly knowledgeable and witty person ! about blossoming - yes we do impact people and are impacted by them as satsangees, but my HELMET :-) LOL... you are welcome dear helmet - you complete me.

  5. Haha! Refreshing! :) Went through a somewhat similar experience in school, one of the straps of my school bag would invariably get tangled with my chair, no matter how carefully I kept it. May be my bag just wanted to learn a little more always. :)

  6. @Tara : :-) inanimate objects DO have an intention to evolve. This is irrefutable proof !

  7. You guys are hilarious...but make a lot of sense...
    Jai Guru Dev