Monday, July 6, 2009


Nitya Suddham Nirabhasam Nirakaaram Niranjanam
Nityabodham Cidanandam Guru Brahma Namamayam

I prostrate to that Guru, who is the Eternally Pure Brahman, free from reflection, formless, taint less eternally awake as Pure Consciousness and Bliss.

A day for gratitude, meditation, service and longing. What a wonderful day ! My heart is with Guruji in Chicago and though he is thousands of miles away, I feel so close to HIM.

My salutations today also to R - my first Part I teacher, who with her love and masti and very presence made Art Of Living a part of my daily life for the last 8 years.

My salutations to M - my Ashtavakra teacher, at whose place I literally spent my most precious and definitive growth years between 2003 - 2006. She treated me like a younger brother though I was a year older and it was her not-so-gentle (LOL :-) ) pushing that got me to take responsibility and do seva regularly.

My salutations and love to N - a dear friend who taught me to do seva with a smile- no matter how tough or irritating the circumstances. That smile stays with me day and night and inspires me whenever I feel low.

My love and salutations to all my teachers, the countless volunteers and satsangees (that includes you) many of whose silent work, encouragement, sharing and smiles have been instrumental in my progress on this beautiful path.

And for them, on this occasion of Guru Poornima, I remain eternally grateful to you Guruji ! Love Hugs Masti Devotion !

Jai Guru Dev,


  1. : ) Wow! Even i am so grateful to Him! Its all His grace... No words...

  2. first GP with Him..and it was nothing short of awesomeness in full glory..i will never have enough words to explain the things that happened..and now i understand what you were saying.. :-)


  3. @anusha : i was waiting for you to either post on your blog or here about your Guru Poornima experiences. Sooooooooo glad am I :-) Do share more when the silence settles down a bit :D

    Jai Guru Dev

  4. Dear RR..

    during Satsangs, it would so happen that I would feel that Guruji is every representation of the Divine..You know how it is to actually feel it, actually finding the name apt for Him..He was Gananatha, He was Shiva, He was Narayana..

    For some reason I was just getting this feeling that this is how Krishna would have looked like. Maybe it was because of the Bhagwad Gita commentary He was giving. I don't know but I wanted to call him Gopala..I would think about it and just smile..and this would happen every Satsang..

    On 5th, there was Yogathan. And there were many people on stage for its inauguration. And one of them, clearly someone who did not do any homework before coming for the event, addressed Guruji as Sri Sri Ravikrishna! Yeah, a coincidence, a malaprop whatever..But I was smiling ear to ear.. I never experienced confirmations of this sorts!! :-)

    I remembered you a lot RR. I have not met you, but you were one of the first people for who I felt so much gratitude. And I also thought that maybe I would have never registered for it if I had not read your blog..Thanks, thanks and thanks! :-)

    JGD :-)

  5. Wow thats beautiful Anusha ! You know I always thought of Guruji as Krishna too :-) About the "Ravikrishna" "faux paz", i'd like to think it was a lot more than a simple malaprop :-) - maybe just intended for you !

    I too felt so much gratitude during Guru so happy that you and a few others that I talked to..went to Guru Poornima. As Guruji says as satsangees its our job to uplift and be uplifted. I certainly felt uplifted so much.

    Jai Guru Dev,

  6. Simply beautiful RR. :) Now I am itching to take it up, especially after reading Anusha's account above. :) Jai Gurudev! :)

  7. Thats beautiful Tara :) Go to the upcoming Navarathri advanced course in Bangalore and I am sure you'll have something very precious to cherish and share !

    Jai Guru Dev