Thursday, January 13, 2011

Guruji in Pune

Guruji was in Pune today in a brief stopover from Mumbai - to give the keynote at the 1st Parliament of Indian Council Leaders at MIT College. He arrived at 11:30 sharp and was welcomed warmly by the thousands of students attending the various sessions. Among the various speakers who are scheduled to address the meet are the former President Abdul Kalam, Narayana Murthy (Infosys), Dr. Kiran Bedi and others.

UPDATE : Summary of Guruji's session here.  TOI's coverage here.

He started the session by chanting the DakshinaMurthy Stotram :

Om namah pranavarthaya shuddagyanaikamurtaye
Nirmalaya prashantaya dakshinamurtaye namah

Guruji then continued by saying how he was inexorably dragged to Pune around Jan 12-13th each year :-) ! Last year he he was here on the exact same dates for Antarnaad. Gosh I can't believe it has been a year since seeing HIM in person !

He talked for a bit and then took Q&A from the students. HE talked about character, about how if you wanted to see love you should go to an Indian village, about the need for spirituality in student's life etc.

Another highlight was how he empowers others. A student asked Guruji to lead a pledge for the students to free the country from corruption etc. Guruji asked him to lead it instead. The student said something like "I am a small person compared to you". Guruji gave him back the mic saying "No No you are NOT small" and made him take the pledge and actually took the pledge along with all of US !

Amazing huh ? Guruji Tussi Great Ho !

I didn't take any pictures. Somehow I can't get myself to do that any more at Guruji's events. "Photo Lene Ke Liye Haath Yeh Uthe Nahin" (Original by Chitra Roy : Prarthna Karne Ko Haath Yeh Uthe Nahin) :-)

None of us got to get close to him as he was whisked away to his Mumbai programs for later today.

Watch Guruji's Mumbai satsangs live at

Jai Guru Dev ,


  1. Wow you had Guruji's Darshan. You are blessed.
    Jai Guru Dev.

  2. @kiran :yes DoorDarshan but loved it !