Friday, February 18, 2011

Prayers !

As World Cup fever grips the nation, its not exactly the right time to say anything against cricket. But when I came across this slide-show which shows die-hard cricket fans offering aarti at one of the holiest Ganesha temples in Mumbai - Siddhivinayak - for the success of Indian cricket team, something snapped within me.

Lest I be mistaken, I should place on record that, though not a cricket fan, I am as enthusiastic as any Indian about us winning the World Cup. However the act of offering (rather public) prayers for this to happen had me thinking about recent events in India. Thousands of crores of public money were looted with impunity by a couple of our esteemed members of parliament. The price of daily commodities maintains an upward trajectory,putting it out of reach of the common citizen. The morning newspaper brings with it dismal news of a youth committing suicide or a woman being molested by a group of thugs drunk with liquor and power.

At the risk of earning the wrath of any cricket fan that happens to read this blog, I'll say this. Can't we pray for better sense to prevail among our leaders and populace ? Cant we pray for better treatment of women in our country ? Can't we pray for a better life for the millions still living in abject poverty ? Better still can't we do something actively about it ? If anyone can, it is an Indian - a proud citizen of the world's spiritual barometer.

But only if we get our collective heads to think of something that really matters for a better life for our citizens. Something tells me that that something is not cricket.



  1. Wonderfully put...Whether you like it or not, the intention of India seems to be about winning cricket world cup and not about solving the grass root problems in the society.

  2. I don't mind the enthusiasm for cricket...These are carnivals..Gives people a reason to live for something other than their mundane lives...But definitely this enthusiasm goes missing for the other things..I hope there will be a time when we could balance our crazy enthusiasm for work..real work!