Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Health and Happiness with Sri Sri Ravishankar - Santa Clara, CA - July 15th - 17th

UPDATE : A previous version of this post said the course was ending on Guru Poornima day. This is wrong, Guru Poornima is on July 18th (the course ends on 17th) and the celebrations and satsang are open to all (registration required) .

Sri Sri Ravishankar will be in Santa Clara, Bay Area, CA July 15th - 17th teaching a wonderful course titled "Health and Happiness" .

Here is why you should attend:

1. Learn some amazing yoga, praanayams, meditation and listen to some soul-stirring knowledge.

2. Taught directly by Sri Sri Ravishankar - a world renowned spiritual leader and founder of the Art Of Living Foundation.

3. Convenient timings in the evenings.

4. Meet hundreds of other folks interested in yoga, meditation and spirituality.

Only a few spots are left over as of this writing !!!

Register here : http://events.artofliving.org/hh2008/

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