Friday, September 12, 2008

Blogging is Sharing - Really ? :)

Blogging starts out by being altruistic, purely about sharing ones life and experiences with whoever is interested. At some point, the lure of stats takes over analytics, geo counters, live updates of who is arriving on a blog...blah blah. Move over altruism, its time for real time voyeurism ! Not that there is anything wrong, just an observation.



Jai Guru Dev,


  1. hahahahaha.. blogger ego buster...
    nice. but nothing wrong with stats counter and cards.. you were quite correct.. blog is sharing and we need to reach out... so nothing wrong wwith tracking back..

  2. you are right Anand. But somehow I cant help feeling that the craze to fill up a blog with features that tell you "Who is subscribed", "Who's looking at me right now" , "From which part of the world are folks visiting etc" are all fine marketing SEO tools - while great for certain types of product blogs, serve a completely purpose when it comes to personal blogs. Is it an underlying need to be noticed, attended to, a need for virtual company , a social void to be filled ?

    Is that still sharing ? Maybe it , but overdoing it becomes obsessive..