Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Voice Said

Something came up before, during and after Long Kriya today. Here it is .....

Jealousy arose on seeing someone grow
A voice said - don't compare, look how much you've grown

Anger arose, fury clouded the intellect, the smile refused to shine through
A voice said "Make your anger expensive, make your smile cheap"

When will I be a teacher, why have others raced ahead of me ?
A voice said "Be grateful Be content, All will come to you "

When will the barriers fall, when will i be free ?
A voice said "Wake up my dear - you are already free"

Why is it all so hard, why am i so stuck ?
A voice said "its easy, your ego is making it hard"

Why is it all so helpless, why do i feel so weak ?
I am with you always, find your strength in me

Why is it all so cloudy, why is it all so dark ?
A voice said "its all light, it is your eyes that are closed"

I gave money and more money to causes
A voice said , "I don't want your money, I want you"

Why does my mind race ahead, why does it want more and more ?
A voice said repeatedly Achaah, Akinchan, Aprayathna

Why do none listen to my entreaties to do the course ?
A voice said "you are not doing quite enough my dear !"

Why don't people come close to me ?
A voice said, "they want to but you push them away"

Why the distance , why for so long ?
A voice said " Keep the longing, for it never dies"

Why do I feel so friendless so neglected ?
I am your company your friend, your solace, your everything

Dearest Guruji ,

Please help me find contentment
Please help me be grateful
Please help me give more of myself
Please help me be more useful to others
Please help me break the barriers
Please help me find refuge in just YOU

Jai Guru Dev,


  1. Excellent Post. Keep sharing.
    And for sure my dear you are not alone, I am in the same boat :)

  2. WOW I came here and commented , got back and saw your comment posted exactly at the same time I commented on yours.
    same boat hhahahaha
    A month , I have not done the Kriya

  3. thanks bhawana :) and :)

    "A month , I have not done the Kriya" - now thats unpardonable . Itna pyaar for Guruji and missing the kriya ? Start tonite....there is still 30 mins left .

    Jai Guru Dev,