Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ganesha Never Leaves

Yesterday marked Anant Chaturdashi, the 10th and final day of the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in Pune. Anyone that hasn't been to Pune during these days is missing something.

This is also the day the Ganeshs idols are taken out in procession and immersed in the sea. This ceremony is called "Visarjan" . To read more about its true significance, read Bawa's insightful comments by clicking on the following links.

Ironically at Long Kriya yesterday, they were raising funds for the Bihar flood affected victims by selling some beautiful idols of Ganesha. Upon asking who made them and why they were being sold on the last day of Ganeshhotsav, I got the following answer :

These beautiful Idols are part of the 1000 Idols, hand-crafted by Mr.Anil Kamble, an Art Of Living member, in a Non-Stop 72 Hrs marathon (a record) and has been covered by several Newspapers and News Channels like NDTV, AAJ TAK, ETV MARATHI, STAR etc.

Mr. Kamble also happens to be a senior faculty of the Sumeru Academy of Digital Arts .

I was stunned to see the creativity and love of this one individual who went out of his way to do something to help the less fortunate. I immediately bought 3 beautiful idols for myself and as potential gifts. It is said in India that whenever a Ganesh comes to you, it brings good fortune.

I am indeed fortunate to be the proud owner of a work of art or should I say a labor of love of Mr. Kamble .

My hat's off to you Kamble-ji. May your tribe increase !

Jai Guru Dev,

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