Thursday, August 21, 2008

Achaah Akinchan Aprayanthna

The Daily Sutra arrives everyday. Occasionally the mail brings in a beautiful knowledge sheet. Sometimes though the sutra / knowledge sheet are like a bolt of lightning. So clear, precise, addressing just the problem I thought I was having and could not overcome.

I restarted my regular practice of Sahaj Samadhi meditation a few weeks ago as life began to normalize a bit. Somehow though the meditations were quite disturbed...thoughts, more thoughts, resolutions ,plans, projects, title of my next blog...all kinds of stuff that didn't quite help the meditative process.

'T' forwarded this beautiful knowledge given by Guruji at the recently concluded TRM (Teacher's Refresher Meet) at the Art of Living Bangalore Ashram.

Guruji gave the secret to go into meditation/samadhi. He said just remember three things before you go into meditation.

1. Achaah
2. Akinchan
3. Aprayanthna

Only when your mind is established in these three you can effortlessly go into samadhi.

Achaah - Being desire less! I want nothing; no desires for anything worldly or spiritual else the mind is either caught up in the outside world (people-relationships, bills, payments, laundry etc.), thinking about it or looking for some spiritual experience (light, fragrance, out of body experience etc.) in meditation. This is the biggest impediment to get into your being.

Desirelessness is bliss!

Akinchan - I am nothing! Dropping the 'I' for sometime, else the mind gets irritated even on the smallest of disturbance, noise. Even a door bell, barking dog or sound of utensils in the kitchen can drive you away from the center. And the mind goes 'I am meditating and people are making so much noise! I need to teach them a lesson!'

Dropping the 'I', I am nothing!

Aprayanthna - No effort! Meditation is effortless; you don't need to put any effort. Like you go to have a massage, you just lie down and the masseur gives you the massage, you don't have to do anything! Do you?

Let the divine work for you !

- Sri Sri Ravishankar

Needless to say - the kriya and meditations have been much better since. I just hope that this knowledge stays in my awareness each time I sit down for kriya or meditation.

Jai Guru Dev,

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