Friday, August 1, 2008

Mission Green Earth - BMCC Pune August 1 2008

I got an email a couple of days ago that Dinesh Bhaiyya was going to be at a Mission Green Earth program at BMCC college, Pune. No having met bhaiyya for a long time, I decided to go. Dinesh Bhaiyya didn't make it, but I was witness to a great event co-sponsored by BMCC and Art of Living. It was heartwarming to see the college top management show up and spend a considerable amount of time inspiring the several students gathered there to be a part of the tree plantation drive that was to follow.

I went there with the intention of actually getting my hands dirty by planting some saplings, but the enthusiastic students and faculty pretty much stole the show :) and I was left a gleeful spectator clicking away with gay abandon.

Then the miracle happened. 2 minutes after the saplings had been planted, the skies opened up. Like a benediction from heaven, the rain poured, as though showering blessings on the participants of the wonderful action just performed.

On my way back the rains refused to stop drenching my skin with water and my soul with bliss. I stopped long enough to take this picture of the YES+ course with Bawa and Dinesh currently in progress at Indraprastha - something I longed to attend but could not under my current circumstances.

Until the next opportunity .......


Jai Guru Dev,

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