Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mission Green Earth Pune - August 3rd 2008

Another day in paradise - or rather baby steps in trying to make one .

Art Of Living Pune and the Bomb Disposal Co at Pune collaborated in yet another leg of the Mission Green Earth tree plantation drive. We arrived there at 11:00 am ish. right after Long Kriya. The commandant of the unit welcomed us into his office where we all congregated before setting off to the vast sylvan expanses of the army estate to plant trees. As N said, this is already a green campus - we're here to make it even more green .

It was pretty amazing to see the kind of arrangements the commandant and his unit had made for us. Pits had been dug, saplings were neatly set bedside the pits. Both the commandant and his men accompanied us on foot for the entire three hours that we would be there, dirtying their hands along with us, planting saplings, digging pits, collecting plastic bags and garbage. Truly a lesson in leadership - by example !

All age groups of AOLites were represented, the youngest to the senior most. A common running thread was the smiles, a strong sense of camaraderie and bonding ever growing as the morning progressed .

I ran into little S who told me she had done - 8 Art Excel courses - that's right 8 ! Considering my recent woeful record in doing courses, I momentarily wished I had never asked :). And she wants to join the army when she grows up ! Its little ones like her who are truly going to make a difference in tomorrow's world.

As the morning ended, it was time to stop and take stock of what had been achieved. 300 - no less - trees had been planted by this wonderful group ably assisted by the commandant and his staff. It was a pleasure working with the folks that guard our borders - seeing their commitment to making this planet a beautiful place was heart warming.

We ended the plantation with a impromptu bhajan !!! The commandant sang along with us. With a song on my lips, bliss in my heart, rain drops on my head I started back home.

Once again I had the experience of pure joy - one that only seems to come up after an act of seva.

300 done, thousands more to go. Will you be part of the bliss ?


Jai Guru Dev,

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  1. Mission Green earth Pune now has a website www.missiongreenearthpune.org