Monday, November 12, 2007

Bal Bal Bach Gaye !

Anyone watching TV in India can't have missed that ad featuring a fat bald convict on the run from the cops. He enters a barber's shop and quickly sticks a strand of hair on his head and sits down on a chair. A cop enters, looks at the hoodlum with one strand of hair and a mug shot of him completely bald and walks away saying "Bal Bal Bach Gaye". Hilarious ...

Well it wasn't so funny when I was riding a cab back home after picking up H & S from Pune Airport. A few meters on Airport Road in Yerwada and I heard a SCREAM followed SCREECH followed by BOOM ! Some smart guy on a bike had cut right across the road and our cab had just run straight into him. As I slowly recovered from the shock and simultaneously checked on H&S and the mess in front of the cab, I froze.

The cab's front light was smashed, the bike had nothing resembling a petrol tank left and a thin young guy was standing in the middle of the road holding his head. The cabbie gets out and berates the bike-rider for trying acrobatics on the road.

Lotsa property damage but NO ONE was hurt. Not the cabbie, not the guy on what-used-to-be-his-beloved-bike, not the three of us in the back seat !

My mind went J G D !

The best part was that this event happened just meters away from the location of the Pranayam Dhyan Shibir to be led by Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji this week !

The rest of the ride was spent silently thanking Guruji for what just did not happen ! Sri Sri often says that the grace of a Master protects us at all times !

How true !

He also says that our spiritual practices can alter our karma and change a catastrophic event into something much smaller ! W O W !

Thanks Guruji for the gift of Sudarshan Kriya, for bringing all my family members on the path, for saving us today and for your loving Grace !

If the grace is flowing thus even before the event, think of the possibilities during the event and after it. Make sure you get your tickets and attend. You have NO IDEA what lies in store for you.

Jai Guru Dev ,

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