Sunday, November 4, 2007

Jetlag and Daylight Savings

I just discovered that the most unfun thing to happen is to wake up jet lagged at 4:00 am only to discover that the US Daylight Savings (Fall Back) has also kicked in on the same day . That means if your watch shows 4:00 am it is actually 3:00 am ...OUCH ! And I feel as fresh as the morning dew . What to do ?

I was still so intoxicated from last night's satsang. So I walked around the apartment at 3:00 am singing whatever bhajans came up - thankfully I woke nobody up - all the folks in my apartment are graduate students from the UW who were either already up cramming for tests or still in their labs) . Here are a few :

1. Om Namah Shivaya (Avataran - by Sahil Jagtiani)
2. Krishna Manohara (Avataran - by Sahil Jagtiani)
3. Krishna Govinda (rendered oh-so-beautifully by Rishi Nityapragya - one of the gems of the Art Of Living Foundation ).

I then did padmasadhana and then started to look for more Rishiji Videos . I found these awesome ones on Youtube. If you are on Orkut just join the Rishi Nityapragya fan club, if not click on the links below :

1. Tere Bina Zindagi Me Koi
2. Krishna Govinda
3. Tu Bin Bataye

Rishiji's rendition of 1) and 3) made me realize - just changing the object of affection in the Bollywood number from a person to the Divine makes it all so much more beautiful .

Perhaps thats true of life as well .

Now thats certainly worth a 3:00 am waking - don't you think ?

Jai Gurudev ,

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