Friday, November 16, 2007


So we managed to attend satsang with Guruji in Pune on Thu 16th Nov ! Wow what can I say ? I was praying non-stop that we should be able to attend especially with my sick-loved-one . It simply did not seem possible given the loved ones state of health, my family's -justifiable- opposition to putting someone who can hardly walk, in a car, late in the evening, and driving45 minutes to a faraway location. All I wanted was for my sick-loved-one to have a glimpse of Guruji. Also having missed Guru Poornima earlier this year and other opportunities to meet HIM in the US, I was absolutely not ready to miss meeting him when he came to my own city. But my heart said GO.

On the day of the event, things began falling in place. We found a hospital close by that was willing to rent us a wheelchair at a reasonable rate and a car rental with exactly the right size and price.

It was touch and go until the last moment. The sick-loved-one was mentally all ready to go but physically there were hiccups. She was too tired to move. Somehow we got her in the car and off we went. On the way too, I was wondering whether I did the right thing. Was it fair to impose decisions born out of my devotion on someone so obviously sick ? But my heart said GO.

I started doing kriya in the car to calm my mind and sent out a silent prayer to Guruji "We are coming. Please take care of us".

And how HE did ! We walked into the venue wheeling the sick-loved-one along and saw a capacity crowd listening to Guruji speak. We were at the back and noticed a familiar figure in the distance on stage about a 100 meters away. Hmm...I thought - maybe this is all we were destined for today. Still the heart was grateful for having made it this far without incident and for having accomplished the original goal -- getting a glimpse of HIM .

What happened next was unbelievable. A volunteer walks up to us, noticing the sick-loved-one in a wheelchair and offers to take us to a different location that would be more comfortable. He walks us down to - the V I P enclosure meant only for special invitees and celebrities ! We are ushered in and LO-AND-BEHOLD we were looking at Guruji up close and personal !
As if this was not enough, another volunteer finds a spot where my mother could see Gurudev in an exclusive manner.

Satsang with Sri Sri Ravishankar - Pune Nov 16th 2007

I was too busy praying and being overwhelmed with gratitude to even listen to what he was saying. The sick-loved-one's hands went up in prayer and and thankfulness ! We even made it though a meditation HE led.

The sick-loved-one wanted to leave and so we did. The cold evening air seemed so warm, the mind still numb and in disbelief at what had just happened, the heart so full ........

Guruji says "Take one step towards the divine and the Divine will take 100 steps towards you". This evening he fulfilled that promise to us, especially to the sick-loved-one

Dear Guruji :

Har saans meri pooja tumhari
Har pal mera prasad tera
Har kadam mera pradakshina tera
(lyrics from Vishuddhi - Gayathri) .

Enuf said .

Listen to the satsang talk (in Hindi) here .

Jai Gurudev,


  1. hey RS !.. this is so awesome ! . so glad that you could make it to satsang with family !


  2. hey N,
    Thanks ! It was certainly a surreal experience !