Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Journey Begins Again ......Continues

After months of longing, I had the opportunity to take the Art of Living Part I course again today. A nice and small daytime course started at Aundh Pune.

With loved-one on the recovery path, it was easier to take this decision and actually sign up for a course during the peak morning hours (10:00 am - 1:00 pm). These hours in the last few months have been witness to the most hectic, frantic and exhausting experiences. How life changes and that too in a matter of days !

This will be my fourth Part I course and also the first one in India ! Cool ! My previous repeats have all been very interesting. Each repeat of the Part I course brings up something new in me. The same knowledge reveals itself in a new light, the practice deepens, the reverence for Guruji increases and the profoundness of the course (described by a favorite teacher of mine as "The essence of the Vedas"), reveals itself one more bit. Guruji says this about taking courses again and again "Punah Punaha" - Again and Again - until it becomes part of us.

I wonder what new light this one will throw up.

Oh - but "Expectation Reduces Joy" .

Jai Guru Dev,

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