Thursday, December 6, 2007

Vithala Vithala Vithala ...

If you haven't yet heard this bhajan rocking Art Of Living, India , you really must. I just got back from a rocking satsang at Aundh, Pune and someone there sung this so beautifully . The spirit was uplifted, the mind was so meditative, all was ONE !

Tha Bhajan is in Marathi and I could only catch 2 lines . (If anyone has the complete lyrics, please add them as comments to this post)

Kannatha Kannatha Vithalla
(God is in every atom)
Khshannatha Khshannatha Vithhala
(God is in every moment)

Both space and time surrendered to HIM ! SO B E A U T I F U L !

Here IT IS, so beautifully rendered by Amol Shende, Pune's own Art of Living ROCK STAR ! Listen carefully for Guruji's voice ! It was sung at the Mahasatsang held recently in Pune, India when Guruji also joined in with his mellifluous voice.

Jai Guru Dev,

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  1. Vithhala Vithhala Vithalla...Mazya vithalla panduranga vithala

    vithala vithala vithala...

    Mazha vithalla tuch mazha vithalla... Guru Vithalla tuch sakha vithalla

    chotya mulat tucha mazhya vithalla Pana phulata tuch mazhya vithalla

    vithala vithala vithala...

    jithe pahu tithe mazhya vithalla..Kana Kanat panduranga vithalla

    Mazha jeevan khel tuzha vithalla chinta kasli ridayi mazhya vithalla

    vithala vithala vithala...