Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Toughest Thing

Finding an oasis in a desert is hard. Finding one and not being aware of one's thirst is a waste. Finding one, being aware of one's thirst but being unable to drink from the abundance is a torture beyond explanation.

Thats how I feel right now. A few years ago, I was part of the vibrant Bay Area Art Of Living community, participating in the various events organized by volunteers there including Guruji's annual visit there. I took life for granted and didn't take complete advantage of the amazing Saturday satsang, the regular Advanced Courses held there every long weekend. Last year I moved to Seattle, another enthusiastic and vibrant satsang but my academic schedule at UW made it difficult for me to partake of every AOL activity happening there. The pain of not being able to do enough seva was palpable when I was in Seattle.

Now destiny has brought me to another oasis in Art Of Living, my hometown, Pune, Maharashtra, India. What amazing spiritual energy exists here ! In just 6 months, the following teachers from Art Of Living have visited to teach Part I, Part II, DSN, Sahaj courses, lead music concerts, conduct volunteer meetings etc - Vikram Bhaiyya, Swami Maheshgiri, Swami Pragyapada, Swami Maheshgiri, Rishi Nityapragya and finally Bhanu Didi & G U R U J I !

My own ability to participate in these wonderful courses/events has been abysmal. And boy does it HURT ! Yes the circumstances are hard but I can help but rue those times when I had the chance but skipped a Part II course, a seva activity, a knowledge satsang or time with Guruji for something su much more mundane and useless.

In some ways this has been a test of my faith. It has also taught me how close I am to Guruji. Despite the disappointments, trials and tribulations, HE has stood by me and made me aware of it despite my constant complaints.

Guruji said this last year at Guru Poornima in the Bay Area : Something good - do it right away, something bad - postpone it.

My only advice to anyone on the spiritual path is this : Whenever you have a chance to do a meditation course, advanced course, DSN or any other AOL course, or find an opportunity to do seva, spend time with Guruji or any other senior teacher - DO IT RIGHT AWAY ! Its really hard for everything - the vacation, health, life situations, good weather - to come together and always support you in this regard. Don't lose this opportunity to strengthen yourself spiritually. You never know when you may need it - as I do now .

Jai Guru Dev,

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