Friday, December 14, 2007

Krishna Govinda ......

One of the latest Art Of Living Bhajans to rock satsangs in India ( and my current favourite) is the awesome "Krishna Govinda Govinda Govinda" number. Supposedly composed by Dr. Manikandan , this is a MUST LISTEN. Surprisingly easy to sing and so beautiful to hear, this one will surely rock satsangs around the AOL world for years to come .

Rendition by Rishi Niytapragya :

Rendition by the inimitable Bhanu Didi :

The lyrics go :

krishna govinda govinda govinda
govinda shyam murare krishna

govinda govinda paramananda ananda
govinda govinda paramananda ananda

ghanashyama ananda krishna

madhuranana krishna manamohana krishna

keshava madhava yadunanda ananda

krishna govinda govinda govinda
govinda ananda krishna

Jai Guru Dev,


  1. I cannot thank you enough for this..I am trying to learn this really simple Bhajan (which happens to be my current favorite as well..) but got stuck somewhere with a few words..

    Thanks a lot!

    Jai Gurudev