Monday, December 10, 2007

Sri Sri As I Know Him

One of the most amazing Art Of Living publications is "Sri Sri As I Know Him", a collection of amazing experiences by devotees of Guruji.

If you haven't read it, you absolutely MUST ! Tales of grace fill up this small book - be they people healed from dreaded diseases, saved from imminent accidents, intimate interactions with Guruji that changed them for ever....all beautiful tales of grace that one cannot read with a dry eye.

H wanted a copy of this book and asked me to buy one. I could not get one while in India so I decided to bring my copy from Seattle while I was there. I thought I had packed it but when I came back to India, I could not find it. Life was so hectic that I had no time for an elaborate search. The day after H left, I started unpacking my stuff and THERE IT WAS .

Hidden beneath a larger book was the book in all its glory .

I was wondering why this happened. After all H had so longed for it. Why was it not found while H was here ? The answer has unfolded in the last few days.

I was reading an experience to sick-loved-one and tears flowed unabated like the Niagara Falls . This has become a daily reading for sick-loved-one especially the tales of healing. I have seen it bring renewed hope and kindle devotion .

Do buy and read this book. It is truly worth reading. Within India, find an Art Of Living center. Outside India, you may order it online here.

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